Photo by Christine Slattery-Filberg,
Photo by Christine Slattery-Filberg,

On Editing / Writing Development…

Erin has worked as my editor on a few projects. I really appreciate the skills, expertise, and experience she brings to the table. I was somewhat nervous about working with her at first. She was an editor at Entrepreneur, after all. But my mind was soon put at ease. Not only is Erin a thorough and completely capable editor, she’s a kind one, too. She wrote her critiques with compassion for the sensitive writer’s soul and, in the process, taught me a lot. I love when an editor doesn’t just tell me what’s wrong or what needs work with my writing. An editor that goes above and beyond — like Erin — will take the time to teach someone how to be a better writer.

When she told me what needed work, she explained why. Her messages were always conveyed with kindness and patience, and she didn’t hesitate to mention when she noticed improvement. And if a project didn’t need much work (just a few tweaks for human error – aka typos), she was quick to offer praise. Editors like Erin help writers gain more confidence and cultivate their desire to keep on writing.

Rachel Payetta, freelance writer, blogger, and holistic health coach

On Publicity…

“In an age where people can’t editors to even look at their emails, Erin is truly a class apart. She is deft at her skill, dedicated to her craft, and understands how publicity works — but refuses to give in to unkindness and indifference. 
Having spent decades in her line of work, Erin has developed an incredible network of people and has a very easy handle on the business of PR. The most striking thing about Erin is the fact that she is incredibly approachable. She is that girl who is friends with everyone in the room — only because she makes everyone matter. 
She doesn’t just understand the struggles of budding entrepreneurs from a business perspective, but approaches her clients from a place of genuine empathy. Erin is an editor extraordinaire — she is a former Entrepreneur Magazine editor — and always has a word of strategic advice for other writers. 
Working with Erin is a pleasure. If you are with Erin, you haven’t just found someone to help you face the world, you have also found a friend for life! ”
Devishobha Chandramouli, founder of Kidskintha, contributor at The Huffington Post and more