Bio Development & LinkedIn Profile

Erin will  develop three biographies tailored to pitch different types of media in different ways. She will also write and publish a long-form bio (profile article-style) on her LinkedIn Pulse page, which will get you in front of hundreds of high-profile media types and other business influencers. Valuable in itself, this service is also an incredibly powerful method of launching you into the media-pitching phase if you so choose to make the leap. $600

Get Interviewed & Featured in the Media

Using her extensive network and several different methods, Erin will pitch contributors at desired media outlets to interview and write about you. Being featured as an expert source in any media outlet strengthens your credibility and heightens awareness of your authority. During a one-month span, Erin will guarantee one interview — but given her successful track record, more are certainly possible. This service is also a great way to quickly grow your own business network. $2,000

Craft Content & Become a Contributor

Media is no longer dominated by traditional journalists. Welcome to the age of contributed content — articles written and submitted by experts in various fields looking to share knowledge and boost business. As a career journalist and former editor of contributed content at, Erin knows exactly how to craft and polish the perfect piece to get you “in” as a contributor. This service includes helping you create and edit content and pitching that content to media outlets. One-month process: $2,000. Ala carte editing services are also available for $200 per piece.

Why Erin’s Experience, Tools and Techniques Give Her the Edge

Featured Publications: Over the years, Erin has developed ongoing working relationships with editors and contributors from Entrepreneur, Inc., The New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fortune, CNBC,,, AdWeek, Good Men Project, MarketWatch, various podcasts, radio and YouTube shows, and more.

LinkedIn Network: Erin’s LinkedIn network is made up of hundreds (and growing every day!) of influential people — entrepreneurs and media types from all over the globe. Here, she has hundreds of direct connections to contributors, staff writers and editors from all of the above publications plus: Fast Company, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Business Insider, and many more.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out): Another tool Erin uses to pitch clients daily is Though queries from reporters and contributors from the higher-end publications appear from time to time, the majority of queries on HARO come from more niche and trade publications, perfect for experts in real estate, health, parenting, IT/tech fields, etc.,, Magnify Money, and are all examples of specialized publications that often pop up on HARO. 

Erin Has Also Been Interviewed Quite a Bit: Having been featured as an expert source in local and national media herself, Erin knows all about the power of leveraging media for her own professional pursuits. Originally from Michigan, Erin was profiled several times in the local media during her stint as the lead singer of a popular local band in her early 20s. She was interviewed at length on WPKN 89.5, a Connecticut radio station, in 2011 when she headed up a new news website on the East End of Long Island. She was also a source for a Discovery Channel special in 2012, where a portion of a video she shot and edited for local Long Island press was used.

Photo by Christine Filberg,
Photo by Christine Filberg,

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